How to …

Start making changes
– Login and go to the backpanel at

Changing text
– click on pages , click on ‘edit’ under the page you want to edit.
– Make changes and click on ‘update’

Adding photo to a page
– click on pages , click on ‘edit’ under the page you want to edit.
– Place your cursor where you want the image to appear
– Click on ‘add media’, choose image , check details and click on insert into page.
– Then click on ‘update’

Add a new member to the Stab-Grupp:
– Ask the member to register online
– Go to wp-admin >> users and click ‘edit’ at the chosen user.
– At the bottom of this page you can select ‘Stab-grupp’ at the Set up user groups option.
– An administrator has always access to all posts/pages.

To make a new page for the Stab-grupp
– Go to wp-admin >> Pages >> new
– Choose “Stab” as page attribute: , add contents, then save
– Go to Appearance >> Menu to add a link in menu “MainNav” to this new page

Add a word, excell or pdf document to a page
– Click on Pages and then click where you want the link to the document
– Click on tab “Upload files’ to add the document to the Media Library
– Then choose the document in the tab ‘Media Library’, check the “attachement details” and press “insert into page”

Find the information visitors filled in at Anmälningformulär
– Go to forms and then Entries
– On this page you can do target searches in the upper right area.
– You can easily change which columns are displayed if you can find the very small nut (mutter) at the end of the headings of the columns

Version 0.1 made by Johan Lombaert on the 6th of August, 2015.